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Check out our Sacred Mist selection from Findhorn Flowers Essences. Aromas to harmonize and create in your home a very special energetic fragrance.


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100% Pure, natural and environmentally friendly

Create Environments


Check out our selection of incense and aromas for your home, make your day-to-day life have a special fragrance.

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Synergy of essential oils to help strengthen defenses.

In seasonal changes, symptomatic relief in the process of nasal congestion, colds and flus.








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Immune Reinforcement Selection

Pure Essential Oils

Check out our selection of essential oils and aromas to strengthen your immune system, 100% natural.


Our line


Synergies are created with a unique dosage and combination to achieve a concrete, harmonious and balanced purpose.

Its formula is based on the traditional uses and properties of pure essential oils.


Secrets of the Water

Sacred water


Water is life. Each day there is more awareness about the importance that water has on our planet. We are water by more than 70%.

Do you know the quality of the water consumeds?

We'll tell you some things about water, which you might not have known...



It comes from Latin incensum (burn or ignite), there is evidence of its use from several millennia, in cultures such as Asian, burning incense is a daily thing, whether at home in temples during celebrations or rituals. To aromatize and create relaxed environments.

Essential Oils

  • Natural, pure and without mixtures.
  • Certified and backed by great Aromatherapy professionals.


  • It helps to rest and relax our mind.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Improves memory.
  • Improves emotional stability.
  • Facilitates and improves sleep quality.
  • Improves overall health.
  • Relaxes muscle tension.

Aroma Blog


Visit our blog to keep informed about the benefits of our products and practical advice.

Herbs essential oil

Now in summer, how good a fresh mint lemonade feels during the day or a good mojito at night!!! First of all, we have to distinguish between three types of plants that we commonly call 'mint': Peppermint, mint and...

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender The immense expanses of fields display their charms, drawing in shades of blue, purple and intoxicating with its aroma, a place of French Provence, almost perfect. Lavender is a shrub that grows in spike, blooms in July and August at an altitude...

Moments outdoor

With the arrival of good weather, they also begin the great moments in the open air, terraces, walks, mountains, beaches, or enjoy a nap in the garden... these moments of relaxation can be seen pestered by annoying mosquitoes and other insects. These...

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The implementation of the activities, formations, tips and products shared in this spacewww.espacionoha-do.comdo not replace a medical treatment, or a prior diagnosis.
Can accompany and harmonize, and be of great help during a vital process, since it helps you to improve significantly the imbalances specific to each situation, helping himself to reduce physical discomfort, and emotional energy, characteristic of each process. Thank you.

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