Palo Santo, Copales and Mirra incense


Perfect to harmonize, balance and elevate our vibration through its essence, giving a very special touch and intensity.

With totally natural and sustainable components, they are characterized by their excellent quality, their aroma, their duration and above all their effectiveness.

10 sticks per pack.

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Handmade incense of Palo Santo, Copales and Mirra.

This artisan incense is made one by one, by hand and its only components are, Palo Santo (Bursera Grabeolens), Mexican grey Copal, Golden Copal, White Copal, Mirra and pure natural essences of first quality. The careful mix with natural components stands out among everything on the market for its quality, aroma and duration.

The Copales, like Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens, used them to ward off evil spirits, to attract abundance to their villages and as an offering to their gods.

Having no chemicals are very easy, once lit, to be able to turn them off if we wish.
The result is a high quality product, with a sweet and intense aroma so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

Perfect to harmonize, balance and elevate our vibration through its essence, giving a very special touch with its intensity.

Properties of the Artisan Incense of Palo Santo, Copal Gris, Copal Dorado, and Mirra;

  • Reconnect with our deepest essence, love.
  • Balance and harmonize energies.
  • Promote an ideal and quiet state for meditation.
  • Relax our mind, leading us to a perfect state of balance.
  • It helps deepen spiritual relationships.
  • Perfect against mosquitoes or simply for its enveloping and special sacred aroma.

How to use;

1. Hold it by hand and light with a match.
2. We will let it turn on for about 8 to 10 seconds.
3. We will turn off the flame by blowing or shaking it
4. We will enjoy your intense white smoke.

Totally natural productl. Its special white smoke and enveloping aroma, make this an unprecedented product, widely used by therapists and complementary medicine therapy centers.


The use of this product will be exclusively as a combustion air freshener.

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