The immense expanses of fields unfold their charms, drawing in shades of blue, purple and intoxicating with its aroma, a place of French Provence, almost perfect.

Lavender is a shrub that grows in spike, blooms in July and August at an altitude that can reach 1800 meters.

Its smell was predestined for cosmetic use and, in fact, has always been used in beauty products, and even today it is Provencal "blue gold" highly sought after by the best perfumers

It is touted as a tourist treasure as the Lavender Routes bloom between Ventoux and Luberon, Dréme Provensale and Haut-Vaucluse, Baronnies and Verdon, along which it shakes its long bluish stems to the delight of the senses.

But beyond her adorable approach, she is no less formidable with some of man's worst enemies.

In a 5% solution, it is able to kill the Eberth virus (responsible for typhoid fever), staph, Loeffler bacillus (responsible for diphtheria).

In ancient times the Roman and Greek baths were scented and disinfected with lavender. What also takes its name from this etymology: lavender comes from lavare. It is true that it cleans everything, body and soul.

She gives her own touch on lotions, soaps, syrups, cookies, infusions.

Lavender essential oil is the best known and used of all. Unfortunately, fine lavender is often counterfeited and deceptively replaced by lavandin mixed with synthetic lyalillo acetate, because they do not need more than 75 kg of lavandin to produce a liter of essential oil, while 150 kg of flowery summations are needed to obtain a liter of fine lavender essential oil.

In addition, the distillation of fine lavender lasts twice as long as in the case of lavandin.

Lavender essential oil, alone or to enhance our essential oil synergies, is a powerful ally for our formulations.

Ideal to have in your aromatic medicine cabinet for these therapeutic indications;

  • Sedative, regulator of the nervous system.
  • It helps manage states of stress, anxiety, depression, provides balance and harmony, relaxes, calms, appeases emotions, nervousness, phobias, sleep disorders.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Muscle cramps and disorders.
  • Colic, very suitable for babies, skin infections and delicate skin.
  • Sores, irritation and infection, insect bites.
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Energy qualities

Cleanses and purifies from the physical and energetic point of view, favors inspiration.

Associated with the crown chakra, violet color.

With a very high vibration, for these moments we need calm, being in our center and connecting with Mother Earth and the universe....

In our Stress Relaxsynergy, you'll find the 100% natural organic lavender essential oil, fused with Bergamot and Lemon essences. Limón.

For use in environmental diffuser or application in areas of muscle pain mixing with a vegetable oil.

At times when we need calm, raise our vibration or repel insects (mosquitoes).

Application formulas.

♥ A more relaxed atmosphere.

In a 100 ml glass spray bottle mix:

70% alcohol of 70 or

20% distilled water.

50 drops synergy Stress relax.

Shake and spray in areas for a more relaxed environment.


Mosquito bites:

Dropper bottle of 30 ml opaque glass.

15 drops A.E. Lavender.

10 A.E Tea Tree.

25 ml. calendula.

Apply to the bite area several times a day, until improved.


Muscle aches, caused by stress:

Dropper bottle of 30 ml opaque glass.

10 drops Synergy Stress relax.

2 drops A.E Nail.

3 drops A.E. Gaulteria.

25 ml. vegetable oil Almonds.

Apply to the muscle pain area.

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