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We feel that there is really an effective alternative of the hand of mother nature.

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Findhorn Aromatherapy and Flower Essences consultation online.

No travel

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Formations Online

Here you will find formations of Aromatherapy and flower Essences, accredited by Cofenat and Findhorn Flowers Essences.


Free resources

Because we want to give you “treasures” that will be very useful for your day to day.

Everything you need in one place

To live a full life
Harmony body and mind
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Aromatherapy, flower essences and natural products. Online store Space Noha-Do

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Aromatherapy, flower essences and natural products. Online store Space Noha-Do

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Online store of pure essential oils in Espacionoha-do


Aromatherapy, flower essences and natural products. Online store Space Noha-Do


Complete guide of essential oils essential in your home. Free!

Our On-line services

Aromatherapy, flower essences and natural products. Online store Space Noha-Do

Online private consultation

Findhorn Aromatherapy and Flower Essences consultation online.

Without displacement. No waiting.We connect via Skype, the day and time that we agree, from the comfort and confidentiality of your home.

Personalized therapy.

If you do not live near my practice, doing the online session saves you time traveling.

Accredited training of Flower Essences Findhorn online

Formations Online

From a close environment , our courses flow in a dynamic climate, structured and based on professionalism after years of experience, for the approach, understanding and enjoyment in each one of them.

You will put into practice what you have learned from the first moment you start classes.

If within you there is an alchemist, we encourage you to get into the world of essential oils.

In addition, you can buy your own essential oils and flower essences, in our store , we teach you how to get the most out of them in an easy way for you and yours.

Online store of pure essential oils in Espacionoha-do

Tienda Online

Selection and sale of natural products , related to our training.

We offer a complementary proposal, because we feel that there really is an effective alternative from the hand of Mother Nature .

Our products are always 100% natural , discover them all here.


Discover the benefits of essential oil pure, dynamic, structured and complete.

Free Resources

We want to share with you , tips, tips and simple exercises that are very useful. To live fully and enjoy health and well-being .

Who we are?

Space Noha-Do history of entrepreneurs...

Space Noha-Do is a project born from the love and connection more pure with nature, when you connect with the heart of plants and flowers, they will offer their treasures... their purest form.

Traditional uses and properties of pure essential oils

Our Values

  • Passion for what we do.
  • Respect for nature and the environment.
  • Honesty.
  • Continuous search for balance and harmony.

Angelic Aromatherapy

Traditional uses and properties of pure essential oils
Online store of pure essential oils in Espacionoha-do
Connected to elements and earth.
Online store of pure essential oils in Espacionoha-do

Why choose the products of our shop?

  • In this Space, you will find a selection of the best 100% pure , whole and natural essential oils , for your well-being, personal care and home.

  • Noha-Do blends have been made by our aromatherapy experts to provide you with the best aromatic experience.

  •  Kits designed to satisfy any type of need . Clear Light, Stress relax, Immune forced, Happiness, Calm me Down, Sleep.

  • Here you will find special incenses !! Made by hand, with high quality raw materials, 100% sustainable.

  • In our Findhorn Flower Essences section, you will find handmade essences, in a harmonious process , acquiring an energetic process from beginning to end (sowing, harvesting and elaboration).

  • Each product made in our Noha-Do space has undergone a harmonization process to increase its vibration, benefits and properties in its applications .

And we also offer you

Take the training at your center

If you have a space and want to offer some of our training face-to-face. We can go with a minimum group of students.


We offer free resources to improve your state of mind.

Find the perfect plan for you or your space.

The smell how to channel connection to arouse emotions and feelings revealing.

A simple aroma is able to take us to hidden places of our memory.

Times healthy for children

Creates a simple environment for your hij@s, to enjoy a creative, quiet, relax, meditate and connect with what you feel.

We offer you different options ⇒

Basic essential oils

Kit Initiation

Selection of essential oils perfect to get started in aromatherapy.

See more

Essential oil of Lemon, fresh scent, clean. Purifies the atmosphere, brings joy and good humor.

Essential oil of Lavender, calming and balancing of the central nervous system. Imprescincible!

Rosemary essential oil, helps in concentration and memory.

Vitality and freshness in your projects.

And some more...

My space

We offer you different options of Aromatherapy.

  • To create an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • To facilitate meditative states.

A reunion with the Peace⇒


Our students and clients love us

Alberto P.

Hi, I am Alberto. I have had the luck to enjoy in space Noha-Do group sessions, and individual retreats. Above all, I value the treatment and the accompanying professional and human that is behind so much effort, work and love. In his sessions I have found the knowledge, personal growth, and that inner peace that is achieved only when you find the balance in it.

That security that helps you improve in your life and your environment. These changes can be to try to explain, but it is best to experience them, live them. It is all a gift for the soul.


Mati G.

The courses that I made with Sonia and Oscar have been very successful at all levels, both energetically and spiritually, I have learned a lot in all the workshops and e able to put them into practice. To my it has made me grow as a person.

The treatment and the relationship with all those who do the courses closest to you and make you feel special and very cared for.

I can only say that I am very grateful for all the experiences I've had in the workshops.

Yolanda M.

Excellent in content, very correct and understandable tabs very useful and organized way to find information on essential oils and their application, both on an emotional level as well as in different pathologies of the body.

Also includes an introduction to the meditation, music therapy, and sonoterapia and its benefits.

Faculty very professional, is note love for aromatherapy. Intense and highly recommended.


Mari Carmen M.

Since I met Oscar and Sonia in a workshop of aromatherapy Sacred, I found connection with them, merging the sound with the aroma, giving his wisdom. For me, this workshop was very magical, I loved it. Later I was doing more courses, workshops, retreats and all I liked it, I would highlight of Sonia with his kindness, humility, and generosity, giving their knowledge. I have always been made to feel very at ease, very well, very pampered, grateful to life for having placed you in my path.

The formation of the flower essences, wonderful, very nice. I provided help in the time that I did the training for my personal growth, physical, emotional and energetic. Faculty very professional, is note love, that lives, that feels, and so transmitted to it, and it arrives very easy to the information. Very grateful.

María José H.

Since I met them, I've learned to manage a little bit of my life, to listen to meditations that had not ever, to connect with the breath.

There has been a very positive change, personally and in my life from which I apply the tools such as aromatherapy, meditation and flower essences. What they learned has helped me to manage things from a calmer, more balanced, with thoughts more focused and positive, gives me a lot of peace and tranquility. I am delighted and I recommend it to all the world.

And we to them





+34 623 02 61 50


The application of the products and tips, activities and training that are shared in this spacewww.espacionoha-do.comThey are not a substitute for medical treatment or a previous diagnosis.
They can accompany and harmonize , and be of great help during a vital process, since they help you to considerably improve the imbalances inherent in each situation, contributing to reducing the physical, emotional and energetic discomfort, typical of each process. Thank you.

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